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From Our Quality Family To Your Quality Home


We bring you quality AKC Miniature Schnauzer puppies.


When you are ready to invest in your puppy friend for the next 18 years the most important next step is to pick the correct breeder.


For most dog owners globally and in California the toughest job they face is to pick an “Awesome Breeder”.



The first 8 to 10 weeks of the tender Miniature Schnauzer puppy’s life is spent with the “breeder”.


This is why you must trust your breeder!!


Where are the puppies raised…in the garage or in the kitchen… in a back bedroom?


Or maybe the are raised in their own home….if so where are the people?


How much socialization will they receive?


For 8 weeks my puppies are in the center point of my home.   Here they get minute by minute love and care…petting, holding , handling, talking to…visual, noises, handling and so much more!!!


In the center point of my home the puppies hear voices, laughter, and other family noises..


The puppy’s health is paramount however that includes the first 8 weeks of imprinting and their mental/emotional health.


What is there DNA.


Care for the overall breeding and bloodline is paramount.


At Zurilgen Miniature Schnauzers we will always meet your needs!


We give our Miniature Schnauzers Puppy Parents tender loving care!!! Guaranteed!


Our Miniature Schnauzer puppies start out in the San Francisco Bay Area however, you will find their cousins and brothers and sisters throughout the West coast and Western states including Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!


Written by


Barbara Williams


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I will extend my puppy warranty by giving you 1 extra year to all new Miniature Schnauzer owners that start NuVet vitamins within 2 weeks of purchasing their Miniature Schnauzer puppy.

This health guarantee has been extended to the life span of your dog with documented proof of NuVet Vitamin usage and the usage of “Zach’s Dog Food”

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Fritz is my breeding stud!

Fritz is a lovable dog. He is a people-pleaser with an excellent temperament.

Sunny Regards,
Barbara Williams

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About Barbara Williams

Barbara Williams loves network marketing, breeding Schnauzers, designing custom made, handcrafted jewelry out of semi-precious stones and, of course, most of all she loves raising her granddaughter Madison. Barbara lives just outside the San Francisco Bay Area with her 12 year old granddaughter Madison and surrounded by her loving Schnauzers. Barbara is a Spanish Literature Graduate and a card holding union electrician out of the IBEW Local 595 Alameda Country. Barbara was a Real Estate agent and is a Real Estate Investor. Barbara has worked successfully in the network marketing industry for over 15 years. Of all the occupations Barbara has had she loves breeding Miniature Schnauzers the most. She loves offer Miniature Schnauzer puppies for sale to good and loving homes. Barbara loves people, children, life and animals.
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