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Boo-Yah Puppies are coming out of the oven…..

Dog Barbara Williams Introduces herself.. from Barbara Williams on Vimeo.


Okay where did mom and dad take off to??? Man and his dog…..Doug is teaching Bogey to read. Born July 24, 2017 Playing together at 4 weeks oldSadie-5.1.2-300x298

Sasha is my baby she is less than 1 year old.
Sasha is lovable and affectionate. she is quite the sweety.
Sasha is a salt and pepper girl with a coarser coat.

Sasha 1.18.2016

Sasha 2

Sasha 7 months old Jan. 18, 2016

Sasha dob 6:1015 at 7 monts old

Ziva in these photos is just under 2 years old.
She is a black and silver girl. She is comical and frisky. Ziva is lovable and affectionate. .
There is mud in the yard with all the rain in California so the dogs are coming in the house extremely muddy. So, Madison cut all the hair off Ziva, she says, “now she looks like a Chihuahua.”

Ziva’s full grown coat is longer thicker and softer than Sasha’s coat in the above photo.

Ziva 1.18.16

Ziva 1.18.16 1

Ziva clipped 1.18.16

Ziva peek a boo 2016

Ruby is one of my black and silver girls who is a 1/2 sister to Zoe. Ruby’s coat is cut shorter in this photo. She has a long thick shiny coat. She is a sweet girl.

Ruby 1.18.16 4

Ruby 1.18.16

Zoe is the matriarch of our home, however, she is not a domineering matriarch. My black and silver Zoe is sweet and loves people and loves the other dogs. If there is a clash in the back yard she is the first to move on and she avoids it.

Kids will be kids and in this photo Madison has cut off Zoe’s beard. OMG my Zoe no longer looks like a Schnauzer as Madison laughs and says “she is a beautiful poodle.” Kids certainly are something.

Zoe 1.18.16

Zoe 1.18.16 mustache shaved

Below you see “Hubble”  AND Madison.

Hubble is a black and silver male Miniature Schnauzer puppy at 3 1/2 months old.

Madison is 14 years old and she was the one who trained Hubble to respond to over 20 commands in 6 weeks.


I have to admit I am proud of my 3 month old puppy Hubble and my granddaughter Madison.

Hubble is my Miniature Schnauzer boy puppy from breeding Zoe and Royce. He truly is an incredible puppy. Hubble was born August 23, 2015.

Daniela, from San Jose, California hired me to train her puppy Hubble. Hubble started his training at 8 weeks old. He truly is a sharp, smart and willing to please puppy.

Madison my granddaughter trained Hubble and they graduated from “Beginners Class” at Pet Smart in Merced, California.

dog hubble 2 dog hubble 3 dog hubble 12.19.15 1

Below is Sadie Born from Ruby and Royce August 16, 2015 and owned by Michelle Tsai.

Dog Michelle Tsai & Sadie Dog Michelle Tsai Sadie & Princeton dog michelle tsai, & sadie Dog Michelle Tsai, Sadie & Princeton

Dog Topsy Turvy Puppy






sadie 5.1.6

Sadie 5.1.2

sadie 5.1.3

Sadie 5.1.4

sadie 5.1.7

sadie 5.1.9

sadie 5.1.11

Annie the baby of Lynn and Rick at 10 weeks

Annie the baby of Lynn and Rick at 10 weeks

Lynn and Rick are the proud parents of 10 week old Annie. Annie is Royce’s daughter born on December 27, 2013

Dog - penny from Zoe:Royce 12:27:13

Penny at 10 weeks is one of my puppies from Royce’s first litters born on December 27, 2013 Penny is absoutely a gorgeous
Ashly and Todd are the proud owners of Penny and are taking excellent care of her!!!

Bob is a puppy of mine and he is gorgeous with tons of personality!
Thank you Laura R. for sharing the photos January 10, 2014

Bob canvas 001
BOB and Mr Bill 010bob1


September 26, 2013

Entry December 17, 2012 Monday
Many of my little Miniature Schnauzer puppies have already found great loving homes. I am so happy for those little guys. I am so happy to know that the perspective adoptive parents are great families that will love and cherish their puppy. One family from Stockton, Dick and Sharon, have already come to visit their puppy 3 times while they are waiting to take Gracie Mae home. However, you are in luck today! I have 1 male and 6 female Schnauzer Puppies that are seeking loving and caring homes. 2 black and silver females and 1 salt and pepper male and 4 salt and pepper females. Come see us :))

Entry November 17, 2012 the day of Rosie my granddaughter’s birthday.

Midnight Beauties – My Miniature Schnauzers!

Annie went to a loving home with Linda in Pleasant Hill, California

This gorgeous Black and Silver Phantom lives with Tracie
in Livermore, California. Tracie & Chad so loved the puppies they bought two for their three children.

Fritz is a lovable dog. He is a people pleaser with an excellent temperment.

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