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I had dogs before I had baby dolls

I was raised in Bellingham, Washington near the Canadian border. My father was a hunter and a fisherman. We had coon dogs, blood hounds, springer spaniels, and cocker spaniels. We even tamed a wild raccoon and wild rabbits. We had a flock of geese, owned 2 goats, Rosie and Buckey. My father even brought home some wild rabbits for pets from one of his hunting trips. I didn’t play with baby dolls I played with dogs. When I turned 12 I wanted my own dog that wasn’t my other 3 siblings dog, although, I was willing to share. After extensive research of the various AKC breeds of dogs, I purchased an AKC registered German Shepherd from a local reputable breeder and I became her apprentice. I also joined 4H for Dogs.

I began to show my beautiful German Shepherd “Vonnie” in AKC shows and fun matches. I showed her for conformation and obedience. Vonnie was well trained off leash and on. We won many trophies and ribbons together. Vonnie was my best friend.

After High School and Vonnie had died I was separated from dogs for a short period of time while I relocated to California in the San Francisco Bay Area. When I took guardianship of my then 4 year old granddaughter Madison I felt strongly that she would benefit greatly from a relationship with a dog. We first tried Poodles. That was a disaster. Then we went for the Miniature Schnauzer. There really couldn’t be a better breed of dog for a young child than a Miniature Schnauzer. Madison’s first Miniature Schnauzer was Zsa Zsa which we still have today although Madison does worry about when she may die. Madison’s love and passion for dogs was infectious so we started to breed here in Merced, California. Although we will ship our champion bloodline Miniature Schnauzers anywhere we do focus on San Jose, the East Bay, The San Francisco Bay Area and Livermore. We are a small family breeder. Madison is right there by my side helping everyday.

Madison is now almost 12 years old so we have been breeding Miniature Schnauzers for almost 8 years now.

We love our Miniature Schnauzers. You Gotta Love A Miniature Schnauzer.

So, my dog life has been about as long as my human life…….I played with dogs before baby dolls.

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Sunny Regards,

Barbara Williams

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