Boo-Yah!!!! Oh My Gosh! Good Golly Miss Molly Miniature Puppies are Popping Out of The Oven!

Boo-Yah!!!! Oh My Gosh! Good Golly Miss Molly!!! AKC Champion Genealogy Miniature Schnauzer Puppies are Popping Out of The Oven!

It look like we might have 4 litters; it feels like Christmas!!! I will definitely be keeping one if not 2 of my puppies.

Another day in the life of Zurilgen Kennels at where we are providing daily care for our dogs in order to provide to you the best of the best AKC Miniature Schnauzer Puppy for sale. Our AKC championship genealogy lines has both mom and dad of a AKC champion genealogy background. We are so excited about our now 9 month old Black Miniature Schnauzer Boy.

To create and breed an AKC solid black Miniature Schnauzer with championship geneaology is hard to do and a quality Black Miniature Schnauzers are even hard harder to come by in order to buy.

For example, I search for over 10 years for my Leo, my AKC Black Miniature Schnauzer Boy!!! Ten years is a long time to wait, search and to have a deep passion to own.

The Black Miniature Schnauzer is a recessive gene. In order to breed a Black Miniature Schnauzer puppy it is required for one if not both parents are solid black. It is not sufficient that the parents carry the black gene code one or both actually need to be black.

Now in contract the inferior “Toy Schnauzer” even though it is AKC is of an inferior quality and you will not find them in the show ring. Although you many not to show your dog you also do not want to buy a AKC Toy Schnauzer!!!! Toy Schnauzers are yappy, they are finicky eaters, the have a propensity to carry and have liver-shunt disease, diabetess, pancratitis and live only until about 7 years old. In contrast and well-breed Miniature Schnauzer puppy of breeding can live from 14 to 21 years. I person knew a woman by the name of Mary Jane her boy.

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