Your Miniature Schnauzer …..Nature or Nuture?

Make Your Miniature Schnauzer The Best Dog Ever!!!


Nature versus Nurture


What makes a great puppy become a great dog?!


Nature makes the puppy however, Nurture makes the dog.


The breeder is responsible to do selective breeding to give the public a puppy that will be easy to train and easy to socialize. However, the buck does not stop here.


The new puppy owner must be accountable to take the responsibility to train, socialize and take the responsibility for the end result.


Yes, from 0 to 8 weeks the breeder must socialize the puppies and give them a nurturing environment.


Yes, also the breeder must teach the new puppy owner what must occur during the first 30 days, 3 months, and where the puppy should be by 6,7, 8 months old.


Yes, every new puppy owner must commit to continued puppy classes for the first year of their puppy’s life.


Dogs are NOT equivalent to a VCR to simply turn on and off; they are a live animal similar to the animal human owner.


Yes, you need to commit to puppy training of manners, socialization and more just like we do for our children.


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