What now I bought a puppy?

Congratulations on your new puppy!

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Buying a new puppy is fun and exciting. However, your life will be even more fun if you take the time to educate yourself about your new puppy just like you would with a baby before and after you bring your newborn home.

Your puppy is your newborn and deserves the same care and love as a human newborn.

With that being said please invest some time on a committed and regular basis into educating yourself more. No one person can know everything there is to know about a puppy.

Before your puppy goes to their new forever home they will have a full set of teeth between 6 to 8 weeks old. Now those same teeth start falling out around 12 to 14 weeks so the adult teeth can grow in. However, during this transitional period the gums are sore, which leads to a teething period similar to what infants go through.

Teething…How do you know when this happens?

Well, again teething occurs somewhere between 12-14 weeks of age and it is evidence when they start chewing everything.

They chew because the pressure on the gums relieves some of the pain during this transitional period to adult teeth.

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Teething – How long does this process continue?

Dogs have 42 adult teeth in total, and these finish growing in a around 8 months old.

Although all teeth will be finished growing in around 8 months old, the teething process itself should end around 5 months, 3 months prior to the completion of the 42 adult teeth growing in.

During the teething process, which is approximately 8 weeks in duration is more than enough time to chew and destroy a home. They will chew carpets, couches, curtains, shoes, fences, trees, and you name it they will chew. Make sure to have plenty of chew items on hand during this 5 -8 month teething time.

Dogs have 42 adult teeth in total, and these finish growing in at roughly 8 months.

Solution …What is the solution to resolve in appropriate chewing?

Now is the perfect time to teach your puppies what they can chew and what they cannot. Stay in the solution. I have the solution, my online store provides for the teething puppy toys he requires. www.PristinePuppyProducts.com provides chew toys – the best!

Invest in teething items.

You cannot stop puppies from chewing, however, you can redirect them and teach them what they can and cannot chew.

Sometimes they will even want to chew your hand. A good rule of thumb is to recognize that which is cute at 8 weeks old will not be cute at 1 year old so you must be responsible for correcting them now.

When you are willing to invest in the correct chewing items like bully sticks and other chew items, and to continue a training plan, you will be able to redirect you puppy/dog from chewing and damaging your property.

How can you stop puppies from teething/biting?

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Stop them from biting the wrong things. As long as you’re willing to invest in the right tools and stick to a proper training regime, you can stop your dog from chewing up your belongings.
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