Preparation For A Puppy – Before You Bring Your Puppy Home

Puppy Preparation Before Bringing Your Puppy Home

Getting a brand-new pup is enjoyable, as well as, interesting.

Bringing your new fur baby home that you invested in for love and happiness for you, your friends and family is certainly fun and rewarding!!!

Nevertheless, your life is certainly more enjoyable when you invest time and money to educate yourself in order to properly care and educate your puppy. Most people do not bring home infants without some prior knowledge on how to care and educate their child. Needless to say, most people read books, watch and listen to videos and certainly take courses to inform themselves concerning brand-new infant care, management and education; in a similar fashion you should mirror the infant model to design your care, management and education for yourself and your new fur baby. Your young puppy is your newborn and also should have the exact same treatment, as well as love, much like a human newborn. After all, are they not your new family member?

Before you bring your puppy home you must be prepared. Purchasing a puppy should be a well-planned decision. The decision-making process should include, but not limited to, an educated selection for the correct breed based on research, education and not knowledge ,however, not on looks and appearance; Wikipedia is a good beginning source to start your research and education. The AKC Complete Dog Book is a notable investment to receive a thorough education on personality temperament, traits and more; there are more than over 300 breeds of dogs

Educate yourself in order to educate your puppy. Your puppy deserves to learn house manners so he can be loved and respected like the rest of the family.

Socialize your puppy with proper introduction to over 150 people within the first 30 days.
Have a family veterinarian for proper ongoing health care. Veterinarians are basic health care doctors and advisors, however, they are not nutritionists, nor breeders, nor expert dog trainers.

Now, let’s take a look at items you must purchase for your new fur baby. Hire a personalized puppy trainer and enroll in a Sirius Dog Training Academy.

You must invest in chew toys, plush toys, squeak toys, different color and sizes of toys, brain teaser toys, (rubber chew toys where you can insert treats inside), high quality dog food, nutritional supplements, treats, training treats, a crate, an exercise pen, beds, separate dog food and water dishes, martingale training collars, a 6 foot leather leash, and never ever ever walk your dog on a retractable leash, nor a regular dog collar nor harness, always use and invest in a martingale collar, a cute non-function dog collar or harness for appearance sake only, grooming and bathing equipment, toothpaste and tooth brush, ear cleaner, shampoo and conditioner, comb out spray, eucalyptus oil to make a spray and a diffuser; a natural way to keep your home, dog, and yourself “flea free”.

Hire a puppy/dog trainer to teach and educate you by webinars, or tele-conference calls or personalized videos in order for you to become a well-educated puppy owner and alpha dog puppy parent.

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Buy only USA made items; these USA made items are of a safer quality for the life of your puppy.

Hire an expert dog trainer with a history of hands on dog training, as well as, a formal education.

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These little individuals are worthy of a wonderful diet plan …
And an educated owner to love and educate them…

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