Pick Your Breed Of Puppy…Purebred….They All Grow Up!

I always say pick your breed carefully and then pick your breeder with even more care and diligence.

Not all breeds of dogs are the same.

Some breeds of dogs require daily brushing and back brushing and shed more than others.

Some are by contrast hypoallergenic and they do not shed. They still require grooming just less.

There are breeds of dogs that require much more daily walking, running and excercise.

Miniature Schnauzers for example are happy living in an apartment however, I would not raise a Husky in an apartment.

Here is another example of a dog, a Basenji climbing a tree.

I really wanted to own a Basenji until I discovered they climb trees.

Just because a dog has short hair does not mean it sheds less. It could actually shed more.

Here is a survey I discovered.

heavy vs. light shedders.

Here are the polling results:

Heaviest Shedders versus Lightest Shedders

Alaskan Husky versus Miniature Schnauzers (in 10 plus years of breeding Miniature Schnauzers I have never, never, never, never found not even one loose hair anywhere in my home nor outside, consequently I say they are a non-shedding breed.)

Alaskan Malamute versus Bichon Frise
Labrador Retriever versus Poodle
German Shepherd Dog versus Chinese Crested
Golden Retriever versus Yorkshire Terrier
Siberian Husky versus Maltese
Akita versus Chihuahua
Chow Chow versus Maltipoo
Great Pyrenees versus Goldendoodle
Saint Bernard versus Labradoodle

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