Tuxedo Jack, the Debonair Miniature Schnauzer!!! City Lights!

Look here! Here comes the never before Jack, courtly, charming, dashing!

After loosing our dog of 13 years in 2016, I didn’t know if my heart could love another dog again. I am thankful Captain Jack brought love back to a lonely pair of hearts 9 months ago.  His addition to our family brings out the joy and frenzied excitement in us all. He brought youth back to his 7 year old white Schnauzier sisters with constant activity and play.

Like the arrival of an unexpected stork delivery, so too was the adoption of our little man. Jack loves to cuddle up to a warm body and roll onto his back with all 4 paws in the air, but I wonder if he knew how terrified I was not to crush him in my sleep.

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