OMG Breeding – A Labor Of Love – Miniature & Toy Schnauzer Babies

OMG Breeding is challenging.  Wow, I love these little guys but the work is outrageous.  They are so cute and they are fun. I love my Miniature Schnauzer puppies but they sure are a lot of work! We have lived in Livermore and the San Francisco Bay Area but I am currently residing in Merced, California. I work cleaning, bathing and loving these cute little Schnauzer babies. I get up at 5 am and clean up the mess and the day begins. I now live to change wee wee pads. I bathe the puppies and every hour on the hour it starts all over again.  Breeding is work, breeding is fun and my day has begun.

Sunny Regards,

Barbara Williams

Entrepreneur and a lover of Miniature Schnauzers


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Passionate is my middle name. I am always on go time!
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