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RE: NuVet Supplementation for Puppies and Dogs – Close the immune gap!!!

My name is Mike Moncada, I’m the owner of Bear Creek Kennels in Marengo, Iowa. I have spent over 8 years raising puppies, training started and finished gundogs, training and titling dogs in hunt test. We own and operate Bear Creek Guide Service-Upland Wild Bird Hunting; I am the Executive Vice President of the Upland Gundog Association and am lead judge for the Upland Hunt Test and Field Trials.

Bear Creek Kennels has been using NuVet Vitamins amongst our breeding dogs, hunting dogs, puppies, boarding dogs, and training dogs for a few years now. My contact is Manuel Gonzalez-Olmo. Whatever I need, the customer service is top notch, never any issues with getting product on time or with extra brochures and samples for my clients. This support has set NuVet apart from other companies we’ve worked with in the past and created a strong relationship with my clients solely on my ability to provide product anytime.

We offer the vitamins to our puppy clients and even have an Extended Health Guarantee up to 4yrs with the purchase of the vitamins from our kennel. This ensures each puppy leaving that is signed up for the guarantee, is on the daily vitamin NuVet Plus. This had made for healthier puppies and happier customers.

We’ve noticed a lot of improvement within our program in the area of health but the ones that stand out are Increased Endurance and a better Immune System. Our dogs hunt appx 6 months a year professionally and put in hundreds of hours every fall. Not to mention the training they endure throughout the year preparing for hunting season. Field, Ponds, Lakes, Wooded Areas, etc. All areas that can hold multiple bacteria’s and diseases. We have found that the dogs that are on the NuVet Plus vitamins do not get sick as often, higher tolerance to Giardia and Coccidia, and UTI’s are less frequent.

Before NuVet Vitamins were introduced to our kennel, we had dogs that would hunt 3-4 days at a time before they had to have a few days break, usually running themselves into the ground, looked terrible at times. Once we started using NuVet Plus daily in the kennel for our working dogs, they could go 10 days until they needed a break, recovery time seemed to be 2-3x’s that of the dogs that were not on the vitamins.

This product is fantastic and we’ve been extremely happy with the results in our dogs. We’ve also started using NuVet Joint this past year and it added around 14 months extra life and mobility to my oldest friend that recently passed away named Bear. Incredible product.

I would be happy to speak with whomever is interested in this product and give my full recommendation.


Mike D. Moncada
Bear Creek Kennels and Bear Creek Guide Service
Owner/ Trainer

Order your NuVet Vitamins today and close the puppy immune gap with supplentation. Should you want to know more about the 1 year “puppy immune gap” please call me Barbara at 209-233-1929.

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