I’m So Happy….It’s a Girl!!!!

The other day someone ask me some questions about a boy versus a girl. So rather than giving my personal opinion I did my research….

Actually more people want girls.

Normally a boy is always harder to find a home for.

Boys lift their leg and if your boy lifts his leg and pees/urinates on a walk, coach, table, or anything else most people would not be happy.

Many people believe that if a boy dog is neutered young enough that they will not mark their territory but according to my research this is not true. It is their instinct to mark their territory.

The girl dog is smarter, easier to train and is less easy to be distracted during training.

On most male dogs people can see the genitals of the boy dog ….his testicles and this makes many people uncomfortable.

Boys become aroused and lick their private parts.

When people play with their dogs and roll them on their back there it is his penis starring you in the face.

When you rub the belly of a boy dog he becomes aroused unlike a girl. When these things happen in front of your neighbors, grandma, your wife it often becomes embarrassing. Not to mention most little kids are fascinated by “IT” and want to play with it.

Girls are more playful and like their toys, they like to dance, and clown around.
Boys are more inclined to fight on a daily walk.

Girls are a blast and hours of fun!!!

Boys will “mark their territory” he will pee on anything!!!

Boy dogs will pee on toys, chairs, trees, plants, fire hydrants, out in public, on fences, coaches, corners of wall and walls.

You have to train him to not do that since it is his very nature to do it, to pee on things as a method of marking his territory.

Oh, little boys and girls….cousins??? friends children??? like to play with the boys “you know what” it fascinates them. His little thing.

I am reading articles that girls are easier to train, more loyal, “And the female dogs are considered to be less troublesome to train and even more affectionate than the opposite gender.” right for an internet article.

“Many people claim that female dogs are more devoted. And the females like their home better and prefer to live with kids.” again off the internet.

Boys tend to wander and run away…therefore if he gets outside and you have not properly trained him (and sometimes even if you have) he will run away to not be found.

Another piece from the internet ….about boy dogs…..”The territory marking instinct is strong enough for male canines. The female dog crouches – already from her early age – if she carries her small or big business. Conversely, the male dog – by doing his little things – lifts his leg.

By lifting his leg, doing that, it definitely will mark your furniture or the wall of your apartment.

Namely, it doesn’t matter to males; whether in your yard or in your house is the scene they will mark everywhere all the time.

They mark their territory, to do that by relieving themselves on their own “place” thus they can locate it afresh.

You very well may try to educate your furry pal not to set up his territory. But, rest assured, he will not act against his instincts, without proper and timely potty training and even they there is a strong chance you will not be successful. And you may have problems with urinating later as well.

Namely, the female dogs tend to perform their business during one round. But, the adult males have to designate each tree of the park, of course.”

Yet another article for why one should not get a boy:

“Boy dogs will run away when they smell the long distant scent of a girl do in season/heat/during her cycle.

Of course, unlike humans, the dogs don’t know the word ‘Love’. Apart from that, they have a frantic race preservation instinct. And that involuntary urge (urge to get to a girl dog in season) hides a variety of challenges for us in both sexes.

The hanging around is the main problem in the case of male dogs.

Since males are able to catch the female scent from two miles away sometimes they are out searching for her.

In that situation, of course, males deploy all the tools to visit her. It follows from that around 90% of the stray dogs are males.

I have to mention my wire-haired Fox Terrier, Tick-Tock at this point. I remember how many times he could make holes under our fence to roam in heat periods of females. In the end, the official people were amused by his amorous adventures. I was nervous about getting Tick-Tock back, not to mention phones and money I spent on such occasions.

Not to mention “dog pound fees” usually in excess of a $100., possible damage to someone else’s property when he is getting to the girl dog.

When my girl dogs have gotten out from the back yard because the pool man left the gate open, they have always simply walked about to the front of the house and sat at my front door until I discovered them there.

Boy dogs “Mainly, during walking can problems occur, especially when the boy dogs are jumping each other’s throats(fighting). But, this kind of confrontation is typical between males, mostly.”

Boy dogs fight and can often fight while they encounter another boy dog on the walking trail.

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Barbara Williams loves network marketing, breeding Schnauzers, designing custom made, handcrafted jewelry out of semi-precious stones and, of course, most of all she loves raising her granddaughter Madison. Barbara lives just outside the San Francisco Bay Area with her 12 year old granddaughter Madison and surrounded by her loving Schnauzers. Barbara is a Spanish Literature Graduate and a card holding union electrician out of the IBEW Local 595 Alameda Country. Barbara was a Real Estate agent and is a Real Estate Investor. Barbara has worked successfully in the network marketing industry for over 15 years. Of all the occupations Barbara has had she loves breeding Miniature Schnauzers the most. She loves offer Miniature Schnauzer puppies for sale to good and loving homes. Barbara loves people, children, life and animals.
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