Hypoallergenic?! Absolutely! Miniature Schnauzers Are A Hypoallergenic Breed!

Our beautiful Miniature Schnauzers of Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area are a perfect fit for most families for so many notable reasons. Number one is our Hypoallergenic Miniature Schnauzers are highly unlikely to cause any allergic reaction with anyone.

Number two our East Bay Miniature Schnauzers as all Schnauzers they do not shed. They do not shed, molt, or smell. The grow hair not fur. Actually, I find humans to shed more hair than our Miniature Schnauzers. Also, when you keep your new family member on an excellent vitamin supplement regime like NuVet Supplements your new family member will have excellent healthy hair and will be even less likely to shed. Also, as with humans, dogs are what they eat, so please feed them the best like “Taste Of The Wild” Puppy. When you feed your puppy excellent food “without corn” in the ingredients you will find they will smell better, look better, have healthier hair and their “stole” will be odorless, compact, small and easy to clean up.

Number three, in all my bountiful years of relationships with dogs I have never discovered a dog with a better temperament than the Miniature Schnauzer. They are loyal, affectionate, loving (however not needy) and they are the perfect companion for people of all ages, from the extremely young through the elderly and ill. They make excellent “therapy” dogs. I truly believe that the reason Madison, my granddaughter, is a GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) student on the honor roll every quarter is because of her relationship and responsibility to her Miniature Schnauzers. She has had total responsibility of her Miniature Schnauzers since the age of 5 years old, of course, with guidance. :))

Number four, according to Wikepedia, Miniatue Schnauzers are in the top tier of the easiest dogs to train, listed as number 12 out of 336 breeds. They are surpassed in intelligence by the “Poodle”, however, the Miniature Schnauzer was developed through careful breeding of the poodle for intelligence and other breeds for temperament.

“The Schnauzer is of German origin, said to be recognizable in pictures of the 15th century. The Miniature Schnauzer is derived from the Standard Schnauzer and is said to have come from mixing of Affenpinschers and Poodles with small Standards. The Miniature Schnauzer was exhibited as a distinct breed as early as 1899.

Today’s Miniature Schnauzer in the United States is an elegant dog of the Terrier Group. While the breed resembles other dogs in this group, almost all of which were bred in the British Isles to “go to ground” to attack vermin of all kinds, his origin and blood are quite different, giving the Miniature Schnauzer a naturally happy temperament.”

Miniature Schnauzers are exceptionally great with children!!! In my opinion they are the perfect child

About Barbara Williams

Barbara Williams loves network marketing, breeding Schnauzers, designing custom made, handcrafted jewelry out of semi-precious stones and, of course, most of all she loves raising her granddaughter Madison. Barbara lives just outside the San Francisco Bay Area with her 12 year old granddaughter Madison and surrounded by her loving Schnauzers. Barbara is a Spanish Literature Graduate and a card holding union electrician out of the IBEW Local 595 Alameda Country. Barbara was a Real Estate agent and is a Real Estate Investor. Barbara has worked successfully in the network marketing industry for over 15 years. Of all the occupations Barbara has had she loves breeding Miniature Schnauzers the most. She loves offer Miniature Schnauzer puppies for sale to good and loving homes. Barbara loves people, children, life and animals.
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